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Myopia, also known as nearsightedness, is a visual condition in which nearby objects are clear but objects at a distance appear blurry. Myopia is very common, affecting nearly 30% of Canadians and is one of the most common forms of visual impairment among those under 20.

If myopia is left untreated, it can impair your ability to drive, watch TV, see the board at school, and can ultimately impact your quality of life.

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Causes of Myopia

Studies have shown that there are several possible causes of myopia.

There is a clear inherited component, as children with at least one parent with myopia have a 20-25% chance of developing it themselves.

Evidence also suggests that how the eyes are used can also lead to myopia. Activities like reading, computer use, smartphone use, or focusing on one spot for long periods of time can increase the likelihood of developing myopia.

Ultimately, myopia occurs when the shape of the eyeball itself grows longer than it should, which focuses the light entering the eye before the retina and leads to blurred distant images.

Although there’s no cure for myopia, there are ways to correct it. Myopia can be diagnosed using simple tests during a comprehensive eye exam.

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Symptoms of Myopia

Since myopia most commonly develops during childhood, you may notice your child squinting, sitting closer to the TV or board in school, frequently rubbing their eyes, or appearing unaware of distant objects. Children can also develop headaches, eye strain, or eye fatigue. If you see your child exhibiting any of these symptoms, please bring them in for an eye exam.

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Controlling Myopia

We offer a number of ways to control myopia, including atropine drops, contact lenses (MiSight® contact lenses), and peripheral myopia lenses (Zeiss MyoVision eyeglass lenses).

A low dose of Atropine drops, which are commonly used to dilate the pupil as part of an eye exam or eye surgery, has been shown to slow the progression of myopia.

Orthokeratology lenses, which are rigid gas-permeable (RGP) lenses, are usually used to correct myopia. However, we now offer MiSight® soft contact lenses to slow the progression of myopia and reduce axial elongation in children.

We carry ZEISS MyoVision lenses to correct myopia in children. MyoVision lenses are prescription lenses manufactured on the principle of Peripheral Defocus Management to help slow the progression of eye elongation and reduce the development of myopia.

Correcting Myopia

The most common way to correct myopia is the use of prescription corrective lenses, like eyeglasses and contact lenses. Glasses and contacts correct myopia by changing the angle of the light entering your eyes so it focuses properly on the centre of the retina.

If glasses or contacts don’t fit into your lifestyle, refractive surgery may be an option for you instead.

If you or your child need myopia control or correction, we can help you choose the best method for you during a comprehensive eye exam and fitting.

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